[Incheon City Tour] Convenient travel around Incheon

2019-10-13 14:51

Harbor line

Open Port, where the 100-year history of the port’s opening remains
Songdo, a high-tech international city
A city where past, present and future coexist

Incheon Time Trip,
'Harbor' line

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City Line

A market filled with rich affections
A place where the life and culture of Incheon blend together

An Incheon Tour mixed

with novelty and tradition
City Line

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Ocean Line

Yeongjongdo Island, the skyway of Korea connected to the world
Songdo International City, a colorful hi-tech city of the future

Ocean Line,
where you will find the endless joys of the islands

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History Line

Ganghwado theme tour
- History Line

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