K-COP Korea Police World Expo
The Fourth Industrial Revolution,
Smart Policing Technology

One and Only police and security industry exhibition in East Asia!
A business platform for the development of Smart Policing Technology needed in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Korea Police World Expo introduces Smart Policing Technology that will lead the revitalization of the security industry through the core technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The need for the development of high-tech police security systems, scientific investigation techniques, and related technologies to cope with various evolving and diversifying crimes is increasing day by day.

In response, KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO aims to promote the status of K-COP to countries around the world and strengthen the international security cooperation network, bringing together high-tech security industry, police equipment and solutions to create business exchanges.

Korea Police World Expo
ONE and ONLY B2B Exhibition in police and security industry in Korea.
It is a business platform of networking between manufacturing/distribution companies, government agencies, local governments, and related cooperative organizations as well as Korean citizens.
Korea Police World Expo
Only Exhibition in Korea hosted by the Korean National Police Agency.
As the place to foster the public security industry with 150,000 police officers, introduce the high-tech and products to the public at once through Korean National Police Agency R&D business, public security promotion and citizen-participatory events.
K – Police Wave
South Korea is spreading K – Police Wave based on its high public security capabilities and social safety. KPEX aims to spread Korea’s excellent technologies to police official from all over the world and enhance global industry competitiveness together.
Korea Police World Expo
will be hosting professional conferences and seminars by Korean National Police Agency, partnering agencies and academic societies at the same time. KPEX is a place to share latest technologies, professional knowledge, and information on various products